Grading Around the Property

Grading – Around the house is very important in reducing basement floods. Grading has a tendency of settling over the years so when you walk around your house look for areas which have settled towards the house or dips and flat areas of grading which can allow rain water to pool near the house or foundation, which is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

Some people like to lay out gravel or cement slabs, some use soil or wood chips after they have planted shrubs or bushes (hopefully 3-4 feet away from the house). Just keep in mind that whatever you use the grading should drop 6 inches in the first 6 feet away from the home 

Watch this video: Proper Grading Around a House

Caulking Gaps – You might have cement or interlock bricks around some areas of your house. These areas should also have a slight slope away from the house to help with rain water.

Also you should look to see if a gap is present between the cement (interlock in the picture example to the right) and house foundation wall, along walkways, front, side and rear stairs and driveways which butt up against the foundation.

Gaps may allow water to flow down between the grade and house and possibly into the basement. I would recommend that gaps be sealed with an approved flexible outdoor product to reduce the possibility of water entry. A qualified person should be consulted.

Here is a YouTube video to give you some idea about caulking cement joints. Keep in mind he talks about using a backer rod, not all cracks require a backer rod, wide gaps may – Click here for a YouTube Video on Caulking Gaps

Left Pic - poor grading, Right Pic - Proper Grading
Interlock driveway meets house wall - caulk along intersection