A sump pump is part of a system which contains an under water pump located inside a circular container which is typically installed in the basement.

This circular container is usually flush with the basement floor. The outside weeping tile which surrounds the base of the house is connected to the circular container. If or when water enters the weeping tile it may flow to the city and or as well into the sump pump container and then the sump pump will push it to the outside.

It is important to make sure you regularly check to see if the sump pump works and you might even want a back up pump and or even a back up battery in case the power goes out. Usually homes located near lakes and streams or a re prone to flooding have back up generators, batteries and pumps.

Sump pumps can also be found in houses with basement that are close to high water tables such as near lakes or streams. They can also be found if a wet basement specialist installs one as part of a wet basement improvement.

Subsidies/Rebates – There may be a subsidy or rebate for installation of a sump pump. You can start ith these links – City of Toronto, Halton Region, Region of Peel and City of Vaughan. You may also want to check with your specific Municipalities Basement Flooding Programs, they may have rebates on sump pumps. Make sure you read and understand the details.

Sump Pump - Exterior View
Sump Pump - Cut Away View