Your looking to build a new fence…how tall can you make it?, Maybe you have a pool which needs to be properly enclosed, fenced off?
City By-Law – is a municipal law passed under the authority of a Provincial Act. By-laws are the laws that govern Towns, Cities and Villages. The majority of municipal by-laws are passed under the authority of the Municipal Act, Building Code Act and Planning Act.

You should get to know your cities specific services, operations and the legal rules from: Animal Control, Fence Construction, Noise Control, Signs, Property Standards, Parking, Pools, Debris and the list goes on.

Do your research!!

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When do you need a Building Permit?

When is a Building Permit NOT Required?

You want to do some type of home alteration, addition or replacement such as finishing a basement, building a deck, replacing a furnace, adding a skylight, new windows/doors etc etc…but your not sure if you require a building permit?

Below you will find several municipalities or cites with their own requirements for a Building Permit. You should take some time to review the requirements as well as the process for applying for the permit. This way if you plan on doing the work yourself or use a contractor/specialist you will know what is required or not.

The last thing you need is to find out that a permit was required and now you have to start over…do your homework, be prepared!

Ajax Building Permits, Brampton Building Permits, Markham Building Permits, Mississauga Building Permits, Oakville Building Permits, Oshawa Building Permits,Toronto Building Permits, Vaughan Building Permits, Whitby Building Permits,


New direct access to free electronic codes and user’s guides!

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) first offered free electronic access to the National Model Codes in April 2019, through funding from the Government of Canada in support of freely available and harmonized building codes.

Making the codes freely available in electronic format has given more Canadians access to the:

As well as the provincial codes published by the NRC. These codes play a critical role in protecting the health and safety of Canadians when their homes, their places of work and other buildings are built or renovated.

Free user’s guides

To help ensure that the National Model Codes are properly understood and effectively implemented, the NRC is now offering free electronic access to the related user’s guides, including:

The user’s guides are designed to complement the National Model Codes by providing additional background information, as well as detailed examples and calculations.

Direct access to codes and user’s guides in electronic format

To improve online access to the National Model Codes and the related user’s guides, the NRC has now made the current and previous electronic editions of these publications available for download in PDF format from the NRC Publications Archive.

The print editions of the code publications will continue to be available for purchase through the NRC Virtual Store.