HVAC (heating/ac)


Should you clean your furnace air ducts? That is a question that is often asked. Some suggest air ducts should be cleaned on a regular basis while others suggest only cleaning air ducts if needed, such as after renovations.

Should you use chemicals or biocides in the process of cleaning or even a sealant…will it affect my family’s health?

Who do I use that is reputable and Certified and how can I tell if the job was done right?

Here is a brochure from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Air Duct Cleaning in this brochure you will find answers to those questions above and much more information. Here is a link to the National Air Duct Cleaning Association where you will find more information as well as an area where you can actually search for a certified duct cleaner in Canada or the US.

I also found an article from the Toronto Star “Is Duct Cleaning Worth It” article by Jessica Mcdiarmid which you may find interesting to read.