Septic Systems – or on-site waste water treatment is a system which treats your waste water from toilets, sinks, dishwashers, laundry machines etc. Basically, the waste water is flushed or drained to a holding tank, usually buried in the backyard, and then to a leaching bed also in the backyard where the liquid is separated from the solid waste. The installation and maintenance of a Septic System is not only important for the proper disposal of waste water but also to prevent any environmental issues as well as unexpected financial costs. I highly recommend to read, SepticSmart Understanding your Home’s Septic System and About Your House – Septic System for more info on septic systems.

These septic systems must be inspected and pumped out every 3-7 years depending on the size of the system and number of people living in the house or you the owner could be in store for costly upgrades and or improvements. You need to understand what system you have, how old is it, where is it located and if any improvements are required.

Generally, typical city home inspectors may not have the training or equipment to perform an end-to-end inspection of the septic system. If your looking to purchase a home with a septic system, then I recommend to ask the current owner who have they been using to pump out the holding tanks or who is maintaining the system. You might be able to call the company they use and ask them questions about the septic system. Such as; is it working properly? how old is it? will I need to change the tank soon, how can I maintain the system?? etc. etc.. I also recommend you have them come out to inspect the system for you…it could save you money in the long run.

Where to find a Septic Specialist – If you can’t find out who is servicing the system then you can check with the Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services website and you can search for a septic system professional. There is a map and you can search by area code.

It’s very important to maintain a properly installed septic system. This means what not to flush down the drains as well as making sure your system is regularly maintained by a professional. Make sure you read those articles above and call a septic system professional.

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