You just purchased a house and the appliances are part of the deal, or you are looking to purchase a new, refurbished or used product and being the cautious consumer you are, you want to look the product up to make sure there are no Recalls or Safety Alerts.

Not all products are created the same!…Some may fail, due to a manufacturers defect and others may not be safe to use. So where do you turn or how would you even know if there is a recall on a household or consumer product? The news (TV, Newspaper, Internet) may tell you but will you see it or will they report on all the defective products in the market place?

To the Right, I provide you with several sites you can look a product up…Consumer Products, Vehicles, Food, Electrical Products and everything from Electric Drills to Mobile Homes to Water Heaters…two sites are Canadian and the others are US…you can search by manufacture part number, you can search by group such as Furnaces and you can see what the latest recalls are.