Inspecting your home on a regular basis and following good maintenance practices is the best way to protect your home which needs regular care and without it they will deteriorate – Protect Your Investment!

Maybe you don’t have the time or expertise and don’t really care to do it, fair enough, then hire somebody who can. The Home Maintenance Manual will provide a guideline on what to check and when or what season.

I highly recommend that you learn more about your house, learn how to improve or replace some things. Things like Furnace Filter Replacement, Smoke/CO Detector Battery Replacement, clearing leaves etc. Shouldn’t be difficult to do.You can even check out your neighborhood Home Depot they have workshops, online how-to-do guides, project guides and videos (make sure you look for a Home Depot in your area).

You can even YouTube it. Just remember be safe and don’t undertake something beyond your skill level…if in doubt call a Qualified/Licensed Specialist. I have to recommend that you leave all Electrical, Plumbing and major improvements to licensed specialist. You may need a Permit so check.