Pricing – Improvements and Replacements Components – Pricing is usually a rough estimate, sometimes a dollar range is used to provide some type of pricing, but it can be misleading. In most situations a licensed or certified contractor/specialist may need to visually observe the situation to better understand what is required and even then in some cases there may be hidden costs. For example, Flooring, once the floor covering is removed do you have issues with the sub floor and or floor joists? How about knob and tube wiring, some times getting to the knob and tube behind a wall may cause damage to the wall such as plaster and lath which may need to be repaired or replaced. Mold Damage, not until you actually investigate further, which usually requires an invasive inspection, can you identify all areas which may have been affected by mold…so additional costs may be required for clean up and or improvements.

Costs can also vary greatly based on the type of products used, who actually does the work (handyman vs licensed professional) and the economic times. What is the price of lumber, has it gone up?. Will a licensed specialist come out for a small job?

I hesitate to provide any specific website or business for pricing (I do not endorse any specific company or person) but I couldn’t find any stand alone price matrix or list. I found a few websites which may provide further info. At the end you should always get a min of three quotes and even then the price may change based on further evaluation.

Pricing Calculators – Renovation/Replacement Projects – The first company I found is called jiffy, they seem to have a different business model when compared to other sites. I will leave it to you to research them and decide. You can also visit Jiffy’s Articles which give you info on how much plumbers charge, or how much handymen charge etc.

Another site would be which provides a pricing calculator for various renovation projects, such as, flooring, kitchens, windows, roofing etc. Renoquotes also has a document Home Renovation Price Guide with more detailed cost info.

The third site is Home Stratosphere which provides over 20 pricing calculators for various projects.

Please remember get a min of 3 quotes, ask for references, ask for qualifications and also check them out, if you go to the Contractors Page in this website it will have more info on where to check the contractor out, even better ask a friend, somebody you trust for a recommendation.