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The information contained in the “About Your House” section will provide insight into home systems and components plus other areas which may have an effect on the home owner, area and or the house.

Blue highlighted text are links to additional information.

We are always adding and updating this information, so be sure to apply for our Newsletter to be updated. Feel free to link to any page and or send your clients to any one of our informative pages.

Disclaimer – The information contained in this website is provided for general information purposes only. Any reliance or action taken based on the information, materials and techniques described are the responsibility of the user. Readers are advised to consult appropriate professional resources to determine what is safe and suitable in their particular case. DASH Inspection Services assumes no responsibility for any consequence arising from use of the information, materials and techniques described. Any reference to a specific company is for general information only. I recommend you get a min of three quotes and do your homework.

I highly recommend you ALWAYS use Licensed/Qualified Specialist for any improvements and or replacement of building products and or components.